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Here is a write-up I did on another forum some time ago. Mine is a 1998 but it should be the same for yours.

I just replaced the combination flasher in my 1998 Pathfinder. I searched the internet and my factory service manual. Neither gave specific instructions on where the flasher is located or how to get to it. The FSM does not tell you where it is, although it gives you a test procedure to see if it is O.K. The location charts in the FSM were of no help.

To try to save you from frustration in trying to find the hazard / turn signal flasher and replace it, I've written up the how-to. Here goes:

1. The flasher is located behind the dash to the right of the fuse box and to the left of the steering column, up high. You can't see it through the fuse box opening. You can see it by shining a light up lying on your back. There is no way you can reach it, however.

2. To gain access, you need to remove the trim piece which is below the steering wheel. There is a screw on the lower right and a screw on the lower left. The FSM says there are three screws along the bottom but it is wrong. There are two plugs on the top of the left side and one on the top of the right side - to remove, just pull straight out.

3. But wait! You can't get to the left side screw because it is covered by the driver's side kick panel. So that has to come out. There is one screw on the lower left of the panel and one plug in the upper center. It pops off by muscling it out.

4. But wait! The bottom of the kick panel is covered by the driver's side door sill. So that has to come out. It pops off by prying it up with a flat-bladed screwdriver.

5. So the sequence is remove the door sill, then the kick panel, then you may have to peel back a bit of the door seal foam, then remove the lower trim panel. It won't drop because there are wires still connected to various switches. I didn't disconnect them because I now had enough room to reach the flasher.

6. Lie on your back and look up, to the left of the steering column (although from the position you are now in, it is to your right). You will see a black rectangular box with three connected wires. This is it. The factory flasher has a molded-in plug that installs in a hole, holding it in place. I could not get my fingers on it but the jaws of a long needle nosed pliers did. I inserted the pliers between the unit and the metal bracket and squeezed it, allowing the plug to be released. Note that this molded plug also has what I would call ears on each side of the plug. You don't want to squeeze them as it won't squeeze the plug. Put the jaws inside of the ears and outside of the plug. Once you have it out of the hole, you can drop it down. You will see that the plug is actually not solid but made up of four walls of plastic that are easily squeezed to release the plug from the hole. There is enough slack in the wires that you can get the old one out. There is a button to push on the wiring harness connector to get it to release. I had to push quite hard before it released.

7. Insert your new unit into the wiring harness. I bought an EP-34 from NAPA. There is no molded-in plug on the replacement units so I hung it with a cable tie.

8. See if the hazard lights and turn signals work before putting it back together.

9. Install the lower trim panel. It pops back in easily. Install the two screws.

10. Install the kick panel, push it in the upper middle and then install the one screw. Put the door seal foam back if you peeled it back.

11. Install the door sill.

You're done!
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