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Z3 Fenders, Rice or Race?

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Seen the Vis Z3 fenders on Ebay. What's the deal with these guys, are they just for looks or what? I know that our fenders are short, and the Z3 look is not popular on our cars. But these things look aight, and they are cheap. Let me know your opinion fellas. Thanx JT$
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yeah, they're aerogear. They installed pretty well. Though they are a bit wierd to fit since they are fiberglass, also there's a small piece from the headlight area of the fender that need's to be cut off the old fender and put it on the new. BTW, it was painted pretty well, it doesn't look purple at all. The only problem is, since the paint is new, it is a bit darker than the car.
well, there's not much to it. you just cut the bar off the old fender and place it on the new fender when you screw the fender to the body. It's not too difficult to understand what needs to be done but it's a bitch to get those damn spot welds out.
well, I don't mind since I have an electric antenna. I just pop it down and it looks pretty clean anyway.
Shawnsilverb14 said:

I'm lucky enough to have a girl that likes cars and that dosen't expect me to spend all my money on her. I try to convince her to hook up her lil old 95 cavalier, but she'd rather spend her money on clothes and other girl stuff. Go figure :)
You're lucky, when I had a g/f, I thought I'd never be able to touch my car again. I hate when girls say it's fast enough. It's never fast enough unless I break the land speed record (In my sentra, LOL)
actually, I like them. They look good on my car and Yes, they are alot lighter. I've lifted both when I put them on and I can tell you the fiberglass fenders weigh just over half of the weight of the stock fenders. They are also ding resistant. the only problem with them is that they can crack just as easily as any fiberglass bodykit.

I can't say that everyone likes the Z3 fenders on a sentra, but I can say 90% of the people that look at them like them.

I think we're once again forgetting the meaning of the word rice. By my definition, "Rice" happens to be cars that have been plagued by distasteful add-ons like Type-R badges on Toyota Camerys and Altezzas on Ford Focuses. In no way do I see these Z3 fenders "distasteful."
It's not that hard actually, it's just a matter of taking out about 20 different sized screws and putting them back in order, I will say it did take alot longer than I expected. the hardest part is removing that little bar by the headlights and placing it onto the new one (you'd have to look for yourself). anyway, the paint job cost about $200 and it came out very good. in fact I like the paint job so much, when I actually repaint my car (my paint job looks like sh*t now) I may have them do it.
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