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Z3 Fenders, Rice or Race?

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Seen the Vis Z3 fenders on Ebay. What's the deal with these guys, are they just for looks or what? I know that our fenders are short, and the Z3 look is not popular on our cars. But these things look aight, and they are cheap. Let me know your opinion fellas. Thanx JT$
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Niss200SXGTR said:
lol, thats good for people who have a girl. me on the other case, doesnt really care about a g/f.. its either my car or my g/f.. and i dont want to loose my car quite yet..
I'm lucky enough to have a girl that likes cars and that dosen't expect me to spend all my money on her. I try to convince her to hook up her lil old 95 cavalier, but she'd rather spend her money on clothes and other girl stuff. Go figure :)
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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