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I got this from another messege board.

You Might Be a Ricer If...
1.You put your automatic car in neutral and roll back at lights to
make it look like you have a manual.
2. Your mod list includes stickers for 20 aftermarket companies, but
the only "performance" part you have on your car is that 5in Autometer tach.
3. Your lighted 5in autometertach isn't really hooked up(but the
backlight is)
4. When you shop for an exhaust system for you car, you bring a Folgers.
can with you to compare size.
5. You -really- think that the more negative camber, the better your car handles.
6. You get a wing that is shoulder height so that the car is easier to push through the staging lanes, so you can maybe break into
the 16s by keeping the car cool.
7. You really don't care if the wing fits the car right, they make duct tape for a reason.
8. You add heavy side marker lights to your car, 3ft tall wings and
GFX, yet you gut the interior for weight savings.
9. Again, the gauges in your A-pillar gauge pod aren't functional, but you made sure the gauge backlighting was working.
10. You install euro clear brake lights to be "different"
11. Your windshield banner is spelled wrong, (i.e. V-TEC or Performantz Motorsportz)
12. Your street-meet includes a "Most Bitchin' Shift Knob" competition.
13. Your racing team's name could be confused with a nightclub.
14. You purposly drive through puddles and gravel so you can actualy peel out.
15. When your neighbor starts their weed wacker to wack some weeds you think your car is being stolen.
16. You've seen the Fast and the Furious over 100 times.
17. When you spend more money on yellow racing stripes and stickers than you paid for the car.
18. When you drive a Honda Civic and put TRD(Toyota Racing) stickers on it.
19.You've installed big red buttons on your dash that read, "NOS-1", and "NOS-2". You don't really know what "NOS" means, but you
saw it on the Fast & Furious, so you know it's cool.
20. you shift your automatic as though it were a manual.
21. You think a sportmatic transmission is as good as a manual.
22. you go around racing old ladies.
23. you get an exhaust tip and think it gives you any power.
24. people think your car is a represenative of McDonalds (red and yellow)
25. you make fun of v8's even when they whup your ass.
26. your wing is taller than you are

hope you all find it funny:D

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hahaha glad you ejoyed it. but I drive a 5 spd. it dont apply to me. and oh ya MUH CAR IS NOT RICE.
Not that anybody has said it is. atleast not to me.
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