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Auto Show in Motion...heard of it?
From March 31st-April 3rd you will get to experience one cool event. The Auto Show in Motion is coming to DFW - Lone Star Park to be exact.

You pick a date/time out of the 4 days they will be here and end up picking whatever GM car/truck you wish to test drive. There are somewhere close to 150 cars to choose from. From Hummers on an off-road track to Vettes on a closed course.

Auto Show In Motion <---Go there and register NOW before the slots are filled up. They expect to have over 10,000 people there over the 4 days.

Jessica, Tyler and I will be going out on Saturday around 10-ish...let me know if we might be seeing you there.

(and I don't want to see anyone flaming on GMs either!)
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