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S14240SR said:
Interference engines! The sr20det is one you know.

Well I didn't know what that was until I finally asked. Then when I knew about what an interference engine is, I asked myself "well if so much damage can occur to the valves if a valve gets stuck open, why do they design it the way they do?"
To get more power:

- The camshaft holds the valves open for more degrees of rotation of the engine to allow more time to fill the cylinders with air/fuel. This means that the valves run closer to the pistons.
-The valve lift of the camshaft is run as high as possible allowing more air/fuel into the cylinders. This brings the valves closer to the pistons.

That a major factor in making an engine that, normally aspirated, can produce more than 1HP per cubic inch as it comes from the factory.

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