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Hello Nissanistas,

I have a 300zx and a Frontier and love 'em both. These are my work and daily drivers.

A year or so ago my frontier began to sputter at low speeds when cold. Within a few minutes the sputtering would stop and i didn't worry about it. Seemed to be worse when it was damp or raining. About a week ago the sputter wouldn't go away even at high speeds and i drove it all the way down to Miami this way against my better judgement but made it. While there i went to Advance auto parts and got a new distributor cap and put it on. Thought i was out of the woods but it must have been the dry air as the sputter came back. Next day a new rotor and same thing but sputter was improved enough that i got around ok.

Fast forward to today and the sputter was so bad that the car had to stay reved up just to keep from stalling and the check engine light came on. I limped for 20 miles and finally stopped at advance again this time to get some spark plug wires. Felt like i was reaching for straws and figured it was time to go to the mechanic if this didn't work.

Guy at advance got a code saying cylinder four wasn't firing so i got the plugs and replaced wire to cylinder 4 and presto the thing runs better than it has in the 4 years i've had it. It's so quiet i turned the key thinking it had died but it didn't.:woowoo:

It's amazing how long these things go with something not working right.

Feels really good to fix something yourself even if it's just something simple.

237,000 miles and many more ahead i hope.

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