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Hey guys,
I have a 95 Sentra XE I converted to aftermarket power windows several years ago and the motors have long since burned out. Im looking to completely replace the system w/ a stock one and understand this entails many parts that didnt originally come w/ the car. I also understand it will probably be considerably more expensive than just replacing the aftermarket regulators but Im ok w/ that as well. What Im looking for is a completely clean and stock power window system when Im done. My questions are:

Has anyone done this already?
What should I be looking out for?
Are the parts Im going to need going to be bolt on from a pick & pull or am I going to need to fabricate stuff?
Can I find what I need to know in a Haynes/ Chiltons manual?
Etc, Etc...

Any help you might have will be greatly appreciated. And before you say it, I DID search the forum before asking the question. I either didnt find it, or the answers I found were too old to be considered reliable. Thanks again.
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