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XD Cummings Low Pressure Turbo Replacement

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Put a deposit on a 2018 Titan XD SL w/Cummings & 30k original miles. The XD sold new on Dec. 31st 2018 at a dealership in Texas. Truck is for sale at a very reputable dealership, there are dozens of dealerships owned by the parent company throughout the South East. The check engine light came on soon after the truck arrived at the dealership, so the dealership sent the XD to a nearby Nissan dealership for service. I have followed up with the Nissan service manager weekly during the course of the past month as Nissan work the locate & resolve the issue. After replacing several parts without success, Nissan replaced the low pressure turbo. Nissan dealership service manager confirmed the truck is 100% stock, with no modifications. Nissan service manager confirmed replacing the low pressure turbo resolved the issue. My concern going forward is “what caused the low pressure turbo to fail”? The XD original factory warranty covers it through Dec. 2023, and I would purchase an extended warranty if purchased. It would be great if someone could confirm why the turbo went out on a 30K mile Cummings? Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.
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There was a bulletin on the low pressure turbos covering all four years of the Cummins production. There was also an issue with the high pressure turbos which primarily affected the '16's. Virtually all the failures are related in one way or another to low oil pressure:

This is a pretty good summary of common Titan-Cummins engine and drivetrain issues by a guy who seems to know his stuff:
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