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Bought it a year ago for cheap, been fixing the various things in my ability, it has 150K on the clock.

New one I can't work out is engine management light has come on intermittently in the last few days after a large pot hole bone shaking, haven't looked in the engine in great detail but couldn't spot any loose pipes etc but is running as well as it was before, no smoke etc.
Plugged code reader and gave me P1267.
Think could be a misfire, suggestions welcome how to check etc.

Known outstanding issues with the car which may or may not be related:

Turbo - whistles loudly when accelerating, fairly certain it's sprung a leak and is on the way out, had the intercooler off and had fair amount of oil inside. Also the waste gate had come off it's mounts so wasn't working, have managed to bolt it back on but didn't remedy. In my research it's best to replace the intercooler with the uprated welded seams as the original ones leak pretty quickly and then causes the turbo to eventually fail as it over pressures (my very limited knowledge). So will be getting a refrub turbo and intercooler if it sails through the MOT.

If very cold (below zero) it struggles to start for about 10 seconds but then runs fine and tad smokey for first minute, I think is just down to age?

Thank you
X-Trail T30 2.2 DCI sport 2004 diesel
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