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X-Trail Bonavista Edition Registry:

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I picked up my new Bonavista today, and it has a December 2006 build date. My understanding is that Nissan was going to build them until the end of December and then shut down the assembly line.

My Bonavista, that I just picked up today (!) is # 4883. I wonder if they decided to build 5,000 or so?

Who has the last one? What is your Bonavista # and build date?

Production #4883
Build Date: December 2006
Purchase Date
Location: Ottawa
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Congrats on picking a great vehicle. I have a Bonavista as well that we bought a bit over 5 years ago. Original owner leased it for 3 years. Sadly I do not have the badging number or plaque left in the car so I have no clue as to what number it was. Was built in Oct 06. I have looked after mine very well, and it drives and handles great. If you want it to handle even better change to 225 55 17 tires. Maybe its like an old pair of jeans, but recently I test drove the new Rogue and found it to be less enjoyable to drive. Hope to keep ours for a good while yet. There is nothing quite like it available in the market anymore.
Mine was made in July as well, so its probably close in number to yours, but I will never know as there is no badging with it in mine.
Same colour and 190,300 kms
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