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X-Trail Bonavista Edition Registry:

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I picked up my new Bonavista today, and it has a December 2006 build date. My understanding is that Nissan was going to build them until the end of December and then shut down the assembly line.

My Bonavista, that I just picked up today (!) is # 4883. I wonder if they decided to build 5,000 or so?

Who has the last one? What is your Bonavista # and build date?

Production #4883
Build Date: December 2006
Purchase Date
Location: Ottawa
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New Bonavista owner


Great to find a place for the x-trail. I've been looking for another vehicle and decided on a SUV, the Nissan X-Trail to be precise. Since they were only made for two years, not many of them come up for sale. I wanted to get good value for my money and believe that I have. I am now a proud owner of a Nissan X-Trail Bonavista !
Platinum Grey
Production #1111
Build Date: 07/06
In-Service date : 12/06
Purchase Date: Feb. 18/2010 -Lease buy out
Mileage : 63000KM
Location: Ottawa,ON CANADA
Home : Sudbury, ON Canada

I hope to enjoy this vehicle for many years to come.
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