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I go to UTI outside of chicago and its not that bad as long as you keep a open mind about things, some classes you can learn as much as you want to from the instructors and other classes all you want to do is pull the trigger on the gun that you have to your head.

Its like any other job, you have your cool people to work with and then you have your a$$holes that all you want to do is drop a car on their head.

Watch out for the manufacture's programs as your reps dont really tell you $hit about what you really need to get into them, and now that UTI is on the stock market the price of enrollment is getting really bad. A friend of mine at the school and i signed up for the TOYOTA program tht they just started at this campus, he got all his paperwork done 4 weeks before me and the price has already changed by over $500.

I think its like any other trade/training school where they try to cram alot of info into you in a short time and expect everyone to be an the same level of experience.
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