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wrong fuel

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Yes i know i am a complete muppet i have just put 20 quids worth of unleaded into my diesel x trai. I havnt started it yet just wondering about the best way to drain the tank, any ideas???

Thanks in anticipation

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I am sure I have read on other forums of peeps adding a small amount of petrol to Doozil during the winter months to aid cold starting, etc. So you might be able to get away without cleaning out the whole system, just by draining the tank and refilling with doozil. Best way is to get one of your mates with a petrol motor to remove it for you - he gets the perol FOC and you dont have to pay to have it drained. ;).

No warranties are given or implied in this posting and all actions are to be considered "At your risk" :p:D
ere Valboo - do yu have a forum shop - like the Aussie site? - coz yu might want to stock these...:D:D

oops just seen yo last remark :eek:
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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