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i like the older front end better. if youre worried about yellowing, get crystal clear headlights and crystal clear corners, that would look great. or go w/ the halos, like stealthb14 said. it wont look funny if you get an older model bumper too, it'll look exactly like it's supposed to. or you could get an aftermarket front bumper (or an entire body kit while youre at it) i like the stillen one, its pretty clean w/o going into the "extreme" end. my sister in law got into a little fender bender in her celica GT-S (action package) and got a pretty good amount from insurance. i told her to fix the shit before she blows the money on other stuff... that's what id recommend to you: fix your a/c and the stuff that's really broken before you have fun w/ it. o. the 200sx and the sentra is pretty much the same car, just 2 door vs 4 door. so the hood should be exactly the same. STEALTHB14.... a set of halo projectors, grill, and clear corners for only 250?! im only interested in the halo projectors, unless you have the crystal clear corners... and i want to get the '97 grill and swap out my ugly slotted one.
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