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Hi dudes i`m wouter from holland and drive 3 nx coupe`s:)

my first one is a 1991 nx1600 with a ga16ds engine(carb engine). with some little mods

full bodykit
17" dotz daytona rims
honda civic rear lights
lamborghini paint

weitec gt suspension kit
costum made fstb
nx2000 rear swaybar
nx2000 brake setup

dashboard painted
racing seats


my 2nd Nx coupe is a nx1600 with a ga16de motor (full injection)
with some mods, just lowering suspension

and my 3nd nx coupe is a 1996 with a ga16de.

and next weekend my i get my 4nd NX coupe.
this nx get build op for drag racing in the amatur-class.

grtz wouter from holland
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