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ok so far i have purchased and installed a pioneer DEH-P7900BT head unit and a 10" alpine 500w rms sub with a alpine 350w mono amp (MRP-M350) with brand new alpine 5x7's in the front and 6x9's in the back. the sub box is made of sealed 3/4 inch MDF (made it myself), its a tight fit and kind of crappy but works. i was looking to buy another 10" alpine 500w sub and a box with a port off ebay, or something. i was wondering is what i have now ok? (i know its not near competion). and if i were to purchase the rest and run it in a series would i get much more thump out of it? i would really like to be driving down the highway and feel it hit me in the chest. right now if im stopped i can feel it vibrate the seat pretty well but no smack!

the whole setup started when my parents got me the 5x7's for the front door and my older bro (the electronics wiz in the family) said i should stick with alpine because speakers are ment to work together.

so any comments or suggestions would be great. thank you!
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