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Here's the deal, I've been waiting on the Stromung cat back w/resonator but have run low on my budget (working on the Z). Anyway, I'm annoyed with the SES light and have thought about taking the Spec-V into a custom exhaust shop to have the O2 bung installed. Here's where I need your help, where do I have the shop put the bung?

Also, how much whp gain am I looking at gaining with the Stromung? I already have the Hot Shot CAI and Headers.

Any help is appreciated.


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o2 sensor

the bung for the o2 sensor should be placed within 2" of midpipe connection point. If you need a picture I will send it to you. the midpipe connects directly to the second cat(looks like a cacoon).

good luck


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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