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kellen_wynn said:
Well I was in the works of having the O2 replaced, the guy at the dealership said it was 170 for the sensor, I dont think he knew what I was talking about. And he also said it 1500 for a gasket replacement! Fat chance! For that I'll just by a newer engine! I'll let it run a bit then drive to Autozone to replace the fuel line and O2 sensor. Lets see what happens.
Take the car for a long ride to fully warm it up, then see if you've got any white smoke (water vapor) coming out the tail pipe. If there's a lot of water vapor coming out and if extreme, also water driping out the tail pipe, then most likely there's a blown head gasket. To check for a blown gasket, do a compression test on all the cylinders before going any further.

A bad O2 sensor doesn't cause any smoking symptoms at idle because the O2 sensor output is not monitored by the ECU at idle; The ECU is in 'open loop' mode at idle.
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