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kellen_wynn said:
I'm trying to install this 300zx fuel filter:part# 16400-N7605JP from Nissan of course! I followed the fuel pressure release instructions from Chilton( My engine felt like it wanted to hope out of the bay without fuel pressure). After that I took off the 240 filter and cracked a fuel line doing so, just another pain in the ass, and installed the 300 filter flat side up. After I patched the fuel line with tape(this is temp) I put eveything as was, started the engine and white smoke. Its getting dark and cold tonight so I'll check again tomorrow.

Things to consider:

1.The car started right up like a charm(I love it when my baby sexes me up like that)

2. Fuel/Filters/Lube are new and full, plugs new(I didn't install them so unknown brand) Timing was adjusted by the same guys. They did a good job.

3. Smoke was consistent and smells slightly sweet-like, warm exhaust, this is normal not the smoke.

4. I only idle for about 5 mins then had to put it in the garage so I'll have to get at it again in the day.

5. Stock car except K+N drop filter, K+N oil filter, and the 300zx fuel filter

DOn't use the K&N oil filter. you are wasting your money. look on the packages 90% effieceny where as a fram, stp, bosch, and nissan are 93% and up. Plus if you change your oil every 3000 miles, what;s the point in using a higher grade filter?
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