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I have a '92 SE-R. 170,000 miles and runs like a top until recently.

For some reason it will not start. It is not the battery, plenty of power there. I can bump start it just fine. I turn the ignition switch on and all the power is there but the starter is not engaging at all. The clutch cable was recently adjusted but it ran fine up until a few days ago when the no-start started. So I know (or think I do) that the clutch was still finding the neutral zone to start after it was adjusted. Is it a starter problem? I was in Pep boys the other day and they wanted almost $300.00 for a starter, and that was not installed! So, anyone got any ideas as to what i may be looking at. I am thinking starter but i would like to exhaust all other possibilities before having it replaced. I know there is a lot of knowledge here and I know that someone can help me.

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