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Just thought id share my story with you cuz its fun.
I had an intense street race today. Going to pick up my sisters from school I pulled up at the traffic light first in line. A moment later a guy in his ricey Mazda Protoge pulls up looks at me (Im in my moms Big Purple Plymouth Grande Voyager with the tunes just blaring). To show off he revs up his new racing muffler, nice and loud. Just for fun I rev the 3.3 V6 to show him what im packing. To my suprise he keeps reving, then holds the revs at 3000 or so. The Race is one. I keep tabs on the lights and get ready. Light goes green, foot on the floor and the Van peels of the line with a chirp of the tires. He was an inch or 2 ahead through first but his shifts sucked and by the time I hit 70km/h i was a car lenght ahead. The van still pulling hard i hit 100km/h, check the rearview mirror, hes a good 4 car lenghts behind. The race keeps going and Im at about 120km/h when i pull up behind a dump truck so i let off and slow down 15 clicks to the speed limit. A minute later he comes ripping by at like 150, his rice exhaust blaring.
I just laughed and laughed.

Good times.

Oh if your ever in Calgary feel free to race me in my B12 Sentra. Watch out if i lose though. Ill break out the Grand Voyager and haul ass. :D

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