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I live in NewEngland, So I need some rally like ride height to make through the winter. The past couple of winters with my Sportlines have sucked(got stuck in the driveway a couple of times)
Heres my idea:
Stock springs
spring rubbers to increase the spring rate.

You ask why... Well lets just say I NEVER want to go back to totally stock. LOL
Swapping struts every fall and spring is not a big deal for me, and if I get a nice set of coilovers I dont want to put them through the salty winter roads up here.

BTW what are your favorite winter tires?

Cooper XGRs

Hey for winter tires.....the cooper xgrs kick snows ass!!!.....loved them on the cars i drove with them and wanna get a set for my 200sx.

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Both me and my father have Pirelli Winter Ice tires. They are designed for ice (duh) but they are also REALLY good in snow and not that loud on the highway. I've been driving with them for two winters and I have never gotten stuck even when I try to.
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