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I bought a new Quest 2004 in August 2003. It has 34000kms and I am satisfied with the quality and the overall performance except for the window windsheild washer. When the WW washer is activated, the liquid flow is obstructed by the wipers' arms so very little of the liquid reach the window. I have referred the problem to my concessionnaire who has done his best to improve the situation. There is an amilioration but it is not satisfactory. It would appear that this is a design defect.
I have Emailed Nissan with that defect last month, no reply to date.
I am residing in Montreal area and have to do a lot of driving regurlarly. When the pavement is wet and calcium has been spread driving become very hazardous.
I have met an unknown individual recently who is also driving a Quest. He reported that he has used a 4 liter ww liquid to drive 35 kms and has to drive the last 10kms in Montreal City without ww liquid as the content was empty.
Who else is experiencing this problem? Has somebody have corrected it satisfactorily?[email protected] .
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