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i've seen some of the dumbest decal on winshields lately heres a few more for some ppl to put on their car..........

"is Driven" or "was driven" better yet "gone Drivin"

"is currently being driven at the moment but it might and might not be driven later"

"got gas??"

"drivers lost and found"

"i'm a driver"(front)"ur a driver too"

"'I know, I know pull over"

"y should i pull over?"

"if u can read this, i'm probably dead"

''get the fuck out of my way''

"pull my exhaust tip"

this is just some good humor no pun intended (well maybe a lil:p )

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Mad_scientist said:
didn't think bout that one. or how bout if u can read this flip me over
haha i saw that on a boat by me
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