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Well, it's similar to the 300ZX-TT. The compression ratio of the 300ZX-TT is 8.5:1 and the N/A engine is 10.5:1. I also heard that the J30 trans doesn't hold up well behind that engine, so you would be better off swapping the entire engine and transmission from a 300ZX-TT. I've also hard the steering linkage is an issue with the turbos in the J30. You'll also need the ECM and harness and a number of other parts. It's not an easy swap, but it can and has been done. There's a guy at Nico Club's forum named "95-J30tt" that did a thread on it that you may want to check out. It was in the J30/M30 forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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