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Will I break anything

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Ok, well I've been thinking about the future, and what kind of money I really plan on spening on my car, and what I want out of it. I've decided as of now that staying N/A is the way to go, I just don't really need all kinds of power that a turdbo or swap would give me, and I want absolute reliability. So I figured I'd go ahead and plan on finally getting a hotshot header, an SE-R throttle body, maybe some 11:1 pistons, the JWT ECU, and the cams, to compliment my exhaust, intake, and pulley, and just be done with it and enjoy what I have on the street and on the autox course (and the road course when I get my cage and harness). Inside engine work like port&polish, etc. are a possibility, but not for certain. So I guess my question is, do I risk breaking anything with these types of mods? Should I also look into reinforcing my engine just in case? I wouldn't think so since I won't be making all that much power, but I want to be sure so I can do what I must to retain the reliability. Also, for those of you who may have some experience in this area, have any wild guess on what kind of power I may make from the above mods?
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barnoun said:
You've seen this site , right? They have good info on builing an NA ga16de.
I was just reading his article in the new SCC, and I've read that site many times, that's why I was wondering if I might have to take the same precautions with my car.
myoung said:

We have the best info on and NPM,,,,,
I've read everything available more times than I can count, it's just that nothing really directly said, 'if you plan on doing this, you want to reinforce this' So I figured I'd just come out and ask. I was really hoping that SCC article on the mather motorsports sentra would have new dyno numbers though, it seems like they just took everything right from his site.
dho said:
I've been talking to DPR for a very long time about building a GA16DE. He said it's doable. A stage VI head with pocket porting and raising the compression in the head by shaping and re-welding the combustion chamber plus all his other things that he likes to do will cost $1000. He told me that he could probably get the intake-exhaust ratio to 78% and he can raise the compression to 10.5:1 and maybe up to 10.8:1. I also asked him about the JWT cams and he said he can build the head with the cam specifications: .345" lift 263 degrees duration @ .016" valve clearance

I also talked to him about me getting a SE-R throttle body port matched the intake manifold and then porting the intake manifold to match the intake ports. He'd charge $100 for that if you get the head done by him. Total cost, $1100, a very very good deal.

In addition to all this, Dan said with those cams and his headwork with the TB & IM that little sentra will fly! I agree with him, especially after looking at the gains on with just the cams and the JWT ECU.

I plan on going NA if everything works out right. And don't forget, we've got VTC! Gotta have it! The Flatter wider powerful powerband.
So does he intend to use the stock pistons after increasing the compression ratio that way? I'm a little confused on that part, it sounds like yes. What would happen if we send him the head and get it done with the JWT cam profile and put it back on before we get the cams? Also, for the IM, do you have to send him the throttle body too?
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