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Will a...

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steering wheel hub for a B13 fit on a B14?

Just curious.....
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Are you 100% sure?
According to both of my service manuals, the hub assemblies are the same. You should to ask Travis to check the FSM for the B13 and B14 to be 150% sure.
Cool, thanks people!

I'm getting one of those snap off systems along with a new steering wheel.

They did not list the B14, but they have hubs for the B13 and the S13.
snap off system? you mean like on a race car where the wheel is removable? you have a website for it?
Yea, the wheel is removable, and it is 100% DOT legal.

I had a site for it......

Let me see....

found it....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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