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why you don't freehand a KA build

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i was putting my engine back together and was installing the camshafts. i thought i'd tighten the bolts down to about 10lbs torque. after doing the first two bolts i was like. "Ok, why do these bolts keep breaking?" come to find out the KA camshaft bolts only get tightened down to 1-8lbs. So anyone out there building a KA, either have spare bolts, or make the FSM your bible.

as well... picking up re-coil, Heli-coil, or any thread repair kits would be a good idea.. as the head on my engine completely stripped out when i was putting the timing chain gear back onto it. i would almost recommend doing it even if it isn't stripped as the threads in the head are aluminum and using coil kits reinforce them with stainless steel threads.
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