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ok so EA the company that is developing the game has been announcing which cars are going to be in the game a few cars each week so yesterday they announced the 240 and in the discription they said its a 89' 240sx (S13)
but its actually a 91-94 thats not what we were arguing about the argument was that the kid (timetoburn) says this

I'm referring to the car list for UC.

a Nissan 240SX and a Nissan S13 ARE NOT THE SAME CAR. they're not even the same body. please, ea, please, GET A CLUE.

the 2008 (there was no 07) Nissan GT-R IS NOT an R35. there is no R35. there was an R32, and R33, and an R34, that's it.

you would think a multimillion dollar, global corporation could at least hire an intern with a clue.

He somewhere got it in his head that nissan produced a car called a nissan S13

so i tell him that the S13 is simply a Chassis code and go through and explain some other 240/silvia/180 facts here is my post

The s13 and R35 Are Chassis Numbers The 240sx chassis # is RPS13 (89-94) and RPS14 (95-98) and in japan the 240sx is refered to as either the 180sx or the silvia but they both share the same Chassis of RPS13 -RPS15 the difference between silvia and 180sx is body style here in the us you have the 240sx "fastback" and 240sx "coupe" the coupe in japan has a different front end and is called a silvia where as the "fastback" is a 180sx the 180sx was discontinued in 94 but the silvia went on to 2002 with the S15 Silvia

Now as for the skylines or gtr it is the same thing you have BNR32-BNR34 and The New GT-R is CBA-R35
Here is a table to look at it also shows other car co mpanies too http://www.upgrademotoring. com/faq/chassis_code.htm

Then he replies with this
as for the 240SX and the S13/S14/S15, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME CAR.

240sx's only exist in the United States. They are a left hand drive sports car VERY SIMILAR to the S13, but are not. the interiors are completely different (S13's are only found in right hand drive). the exterior bodies are completely different (otherwise americans wouldn't be doing S13 front clip swaps like crazy). the engines as well.... 240sx has KA24 engine from nissan's small truck, the s13 has an SR20DET TURBOCHARGED, INTERCOOLED engine. they are not the same car.

before you point out another wikipedia reference...wikipedia is a database of information put there by regular people. whoever wants to can post to wikipedia. it is in no way "official" information, and is as likely to be fallible as the person who posted it is.

He still thinks that S13/S14/S15 are their own product line now i have yet to make another post because i hate arguing with people but i also hate i when people complain about things they dont actually know then accuses me of being just another wikipedia referer

there are other posts in this thread these are just mine and his hopefully this isn't too much to read

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Some peoples kids...Obviously who do not own S13's or S14's......Good lord
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