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Eric Webb said:
Hey guys...I'm new, but I like the site so far! I'm glad to see a lot of Nissan junkies like me running around. I'm curious to know who all is going to go to STILLEN's Nissan Day on October 19? I'll be there I think. I went to Z day once, and got some cool deals on a spoiler and gear, who knows. Let me know.:)
Eric, a whole bunch of us are planning to go, not only from here at, but guys from, as well as and are gonna be representin. I'm going to try and go. I can always call out sick from work...what are they gonna do...FIRE ME? :)

Also, if you're interested in crusing down to Stillen from Pomona, Liuspeed is planning a caravan down there. It's gonna be pretty cool.

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