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'Whole lotta problems going on

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Wow, I had my altima sitting in the garage for a week to this day. We thought electrical problems were going to ruin my car. But it turns out that just a loose connection in the car above the MAF. I still do have a few problems though I need some help with. 1) My car idles rough sometimes maybe 500rpm when I pull up to the stop light, my dad messed with something on the timing with the timing light, but he told me he put it back to its regular place after he messed with it.(Also had a piece of rubber hose blown out behind the EGR valve, replaced that, and now it runs a little better, with improved throttle control) 2) Whole cluster lights will go intermittently at once. Fuses are all good, all electric power is there, they just randomly go out. I would appreciate your help so much.
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for your cluster i would check your dimmer nob there a known problem
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