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Which type of s15 (99-02 Model) to get Aus Spec R or Jap spec R??

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hey i was wondering which one should i get ?? the Australian version or the Japanese version Spec R. i want the turbo one f.y.i

Ive heard that the Japanese s15 has some problems with the reving but i just want the ups and downs between the Aus spec R and Jap Spec R.

Any other relevant info you might add would be useful thank you.
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neither. get an S13 or S14 SR. you'll spend a lot more on the S15 swap than one of the others and you can make them put out just as much, if not more power than an S15 SR.
but i prefer the s15 because it looks better. but is there any difference between the spec R Australian version and the Spec R japanese version of the s15 200SX??
how does it "look better"? its a motor, how it looks shouldn't reflect why you want to get it. i really hope you have a better reason than that. :lame:
I don't meant to be the one that points out the obvious, but i think our mate is talking about whole cars... not just engines. maybe try reading the thread before posting.

I am also interested in a comparo between the two cars, i hear the jap spec is slightly more powerful (something to do with different intake, exaust, or cams timing???) but it's speed limited to 180km/h. the aussie on isn't and the instrument cluster reflects that (jap spec 180, aus spec 240) feel free to correct me if i'm wrong anyone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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