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Dreamin of 13's said:
which exhaust should i use? stromung, magnaflow, or a 5zigen can?
Depends on what you want. For a low sound at idle(without resonator) and a great WOT sound, a stock look and good quality, I would suggest Stromung. I haven't heard too much about Magnaflow, but some people swear by it. 5Zigen products are normally high quality, but I don't think there's a specific bolt on application for the B15 Spec yet. I'm pretty sure it's in the works with a lot of talk over at You mentioned a Hotshot header being what you have got already, so I would recommend a nice resonator for your midpipe on your aftermarket catback due to the noise increase you'll definitely hear after you open it all up. ;)

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I have a Magnaflow Race Series on mine. 16" Round w/4" finished tail.

Sound is nice and low, but you definitely hear it. Sounds like a constant bass in the car. When I put my AEM CAI on next week, I'm sure that will be amplified.

It is constant and might annoy some on long highway drives, but I don't notice it so much like that anymore, but it's hard not to on the downshift :)

Good luck with your choice.

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