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Hey guys.

I was wondering if a sentra/200sx SE-R ecu would be better than a regular sentra ecu for JWT to reprogram?
Is the SE-R ecu better quality which would give better results after it is reprogramed or should I just go with a regular sentra ecu?
I found a 96 sentra ecu for $50 at a wrecking yard, but an SE-R ecu is about $75...
Also, is it very hard to install the new ecu???
Thanks alot.

By the way, check out the group buy section if you are interrested in getting a JWT ECU for $475. I believe that this is an awsome deal unless someone knows of a better one. I need five people for this G/B discount.

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B14_Stealth said:
i see that JWT sells already pre-programmed ECUs but how much cheaper would it be to get a stock one reprogrammed?
I think its around $600 for reprogramming your own stock ecu but to buy one from JWT runs somewhere around $1k.

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