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My stereo is completely stock right now in my 2001 SE. I have an IPOD, and wanna integrate this into a system that i'm gonna install into it. I currently have some components that I'm taking outta my mustang to install into the sentra which include:

RF Fanatic X 6.5" components and tweeters
RF HE2 12" subwoofer
Crunch 4002 1200W amp
Profile 440sx 400W amp

I have been hearing very good things about the Alpine HU's. I don't need to get the best out there, but I want something that'll provide good power to the component speakers and have preamp outs to my sub. I know there is the Alpine 9853 with that new interface geared towards IPOD, but is it really necessary? I don't know if I wanna pay $300 for the HU. What HU would you recommend from Alpine for this application?

Also, if I wanted to power the 6.5" components and tweeters with the profile 400W amp, would I need to run new wire to the doors? Is this hard to do?
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