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Azul said:

I am from South Africa, and own a Nissan Sentra 200STi 99 model. I am wondering where my engine fits into all your model numbers. In my car manual, under engine type, it is listed as a: CB20DE.
In my car registration, my engine number is: SR20312218W, don't really know if that tells anything or not.

So can someone tell me where my engine fits into yours, since maybe our model numbers might vary but be the same engines. It's a 2litre normally aspirated.

The cb20de is a 2.0 litre. You might try to look under the 'SR20DE' section seeing as it is the closest to your engine type in this forum. Also, use the 'SEARCH' key at the top of the home page. Type in 'CB20DE'. You might get some results from there. Welcome aboard! :)

*Edit: I did that 'cb20de' search and found nothing. Sorry. Ever hear of google?
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