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ritchz said:
Hello all,

I am trying to replace the 3 rusty and bent steel wheels and one spare that are on my 86 Pulsar, I am trying to go cheap and find some factory aluminum wheels, I don't care what they are from, I have found many wheels with the correct 4 X 4.5 lug pattern in 14" and 15" at one of my local junkyards, I just can not find any with the correct offset, they are all around 40-50 MM positive which is too wide/deep and will rub on the lower control arm and shock.
I thought about wheel spacers but a quality set of 1 1/2" spacers with studs will run about $200 and I can get brand new wheels for that.

Anywho, has anyone had any experience with fitting any other factory aluminum wheels on the Pulsar?

Thanks for any input

'86, that's an N12, right? if so, the wheels from a 78 dodge challenger (imported for chrysler) fit, but good luck finding any.

not positive, but i think 280Z wheels fit...

there were some early (like 83 or something) maxima wheels that fit, too, i think (same thing as a z-car, essentially)

the trick is, the wheels need a RWD offset... i have no idea why nissan made 'em that way.
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