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Hello all,

I am trying to replace the 3 rusty and bent steel wheels and one spare that are on my 86 Pulsar, I am trying to go cheap and find some factory aluminum wheels, I don't care what they are from, I have found many wheels with the correct 4 X 4.5 lug pattern in 14" and 15" at one of my local junkyards, I just can not find any with the correct offset, they are all around 40-50 MM positive which is too wide/deep and will rub on the lower control arm and shock.
I thought about wheel spacers but a quality set of 1 1/2" spacers with studs will run about $200 and I can get brand new wheels for that.

Anywho, has anyone had any experience with fitting any other factory aluminum wheels on the Pulsar?

Thanks for any input

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