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Wheel Bearing Replacement

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I need to replace the wheel bearings on my 96 XE, 4 x 4... Is this something I can do myself? My service guy wants $400 to do both sides, claiming it takes 3.5 hours.

If it is something I can do, what parts would be required? Just the inner and outer bearing, or is there a seal or gasket that will need to be replaced too?

Does anyone have pictures of this process?

Thanks in advance.
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I just paid $250 for just rear bearing on my 95' (a different generation of Pathfinder, but I would imagine the solid rear axle design is not all that different) and it wasn't even the source of the noise/vibration. The truck still groans and vibrates when making heavy right turns.
I looked into doing it myself. The bearing and seal was about $70/wheel but the rear axle shaft has to be pulled out of the axle houseing with a slide hammer and if you have any hope of the new bearing lasting it really should be pressed in the the housing on a hydraulic press.
For $400 I would go for it. Just make sure that the bearings actually need to be replaced.
You HAVE to have a press to get the bearing in. Don't even bother with the job if you don't have one. $400 for parts and labor of both isn't bad at all. If one goes bad, the other will go sooner then you think. Just replace both.
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