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Hi Everyone,

I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier with a SuperCharger. I have approximately 152,000 miles on it. I recently had a major mechanical failure on the vehicle that caused the tire and axle to seperate from the vehicle while I was driving it. Luckily I nor anyone else was hurt.

However if you are a Nissan Frontier owner, I highly suggest that you take your vehicle to them to have them inspect the vehicle for water intrusion in the rear axle. Nissan has a recall out for this for certain Frontiers, however mine was not recalled.

Info about the recall can be found at
2001 Nissan Frontier Recalls, Notices & Car Safety Reports - Motor Trend Magazine

I have spoke to Nissan's consumer affairs about the problem and they have no interest in talking to me further. My insurance company, the National Highway Transportation and Safety admin and my lawyer are talking to Nissan.

Basically what happened is the rear bearing failed in the axle and all safety features failed. While bearings wear out, the rear tire and axle should never seperate. There were no warning signs that this was about to happen. It just did.

So I highly recommend, regardless of what year of Frontier you drive, that you get your dealer to inspect the rear axle for this problem. While it may cost you a little out of pocket, it may save your life. If I had been traveling at a faster rate of speed, I believe I would have flipped and rolled.

Needless to say the way Nissan has responded is quite surprising and I will probably never be buying another product that they manufacturer.
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