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Wheel alignment ? Unbalanced wheels? Busted motor mount

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So my car has developed one heck of a shimmy on the highway.

1 = It only happens at around 115-120km/h, will i get a crazy wobble. Steering wheel remains fine, but the whole front end of my car shimmys so hard, i can see my windshield nozzles shaking sideways like crazy

2 = at idle its smooth as glass, but at highway speeds, of 70km/h and up, if i press on the gas you can feel the entire car shift sideways and the front end will sway to the right and you have to adjust the steering to keep it straight

left off the gas and the entier car will torque itself and shift sideways to the left and again you have to re adjust the steering wheel to straighten it out

obviously this isn't the safest and i intend to deal with soon

any ideas ?
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Called around getting quotes anywhere from $800 - $1100

New control arms, bushings , labour, taxes.

I only got my car used for $2200, and its market value is even less. Needless to say, im not fixing it.

On the plus side, because i have a problem with speeding, this death wobble will force me to keep my speeds low :p
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