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all you have to do is go to to your local tire store that sell the tires mentioned an ask for the overall dia. once you find out the dia. for your tires and the 16's divide each of those by 2 and the difference is the amount that you will raise your car.


195's = 22" in dia.
205's = 23" in dia.


.5" is the amount your car would raise.

as far as 40mm offset if you get them they may rub in the back. mine did and i had to have a very heavy friend of mine sit in the trunk and i took the handle of a baseball bat, stuck it at an angle between the tire and the "lip" on the inside of the rear fender and rock the car back and forth to curl the "lip" so it wouldn't rub the tires.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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