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Whats the best Set up for an exhaust???

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I have a 91 TT with the stock exhaust. I'm in a state where their is no emissions laws so what would be the best set up with diameter of piping should I take out the dual cats and go straight pipe, or will I lose back pressure and I don't want the car to sound like a high pich rice rocket. I have a guy who can do all the custom piping for me i just have to give him the info.
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I use to drive a little civic thats why I asked about the back pressure, Thanks for the help the guy is going to bend the all the pipe I need for $150.00 all I have to do is bring him the exhaust. any ideas on a good set???
I'll make sure he doesn't
so your running straight pipe how is that you have 3'' pipping or 2 1/2
Spongerider said:
Here is a pic of mine,

Greg D. DP's, Stillen Mid pipes, Greddy Sp exhaust. (Off road use only!) :thumbup:

Sorry for the blurry pics.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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