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Whats the best Set up for an exhaust???

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I have a 91 TT with the stock exhaust. I'm in a state where their is no emissions laws so what would be the best set up with diameter of piping should I take out the dual cats and go straight pipe, or will I lose back pressure and I don't want the car to sound like a high pich rice rocket. I have a guy who can do all the custom piping for me i just have to give him the info.
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For the JWT 500s you stated you had in the other thread, I'd say go with at least a 3" pipe size.
Spongerider said:
2.5", remember there is only 3 cylinders per pipe (V6).
What size turbos do you have? ;)
Spongerider said:
Stock. My friend is running a simular setup with TD05-18g (622rwhp)
I personally think 3" would eliminate some problems in the future, but to each their own, I suppose. No such thing as having too big an exhaust on a turbo car (Within reason, of course). :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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