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Whats the best Set up for an exhaust???

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I have a 91 TT with the stock exhaust. I'm in a state where their is no emissions laws so what would be the best set up with diameter of piping should I take out the dual cats and go straight pipe, or will I lose back pressure and I don't want the car to sound like a high pich rice rocket. I have a guy who can do all the custom piping for me i just have to give him the info.
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Whats wrong with losing backpressure?

If he does custom piping make sure it is mandrel bent. I personally wouldn't get a custom exhaust. Most of the exhaust systems on the market are just too good to take chances with an custom exhaust.
How is he bending it? If there are any crimps in it don't use it it will just hurt performance. It is a myth that you need back pressure.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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