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Just curious :p.......My Sentra is black, has 5zigen RX6's which is a 6 spoke hyper black rim an Flowmasters......soon I want to get a header an intake,CF decklid an Invader hood an black projectors an black euro tail a 98 sentra bumper with the Stillen lip an extreme sideskirts. :thumbup:

What is Seven Ten for?
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best bet for ideas go to these sites:

personally as far as preformance all I have going is Hotshot gen 2 header and a 2" stromung exhaust. WAI with a K&N filter.

There are several boosted ga16s though pushing 200+ hp.

I want my B14!!!!
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xbrandonx said:
best bet for ideas go to these sites:

personally as far as preformance all I have going is Hotshot gen 2 header and a 2" stromung exhaust. WAI with a K&N filter.

There are several boosted ga16s though pushing 200+ hp.
^^ I agree. Don't forget about Show and Go Department to check out other rides too. Those will help get a feel for things.

Also you might want to search a bit on here for some things, like the projectors and see what opinions are out there about it: there's some good and bad to them.

As for my plans:

Sitting in garage:
Vis omega bumper
Erebuni GTR sideskirts, rear bumper, fender flares

In room:
GC coilovers

On car:
Black Halo projectors
Black Altezza tails (shush you altezza haters ;))
Erebuni GTR spoiler (which I noticed look very similar to the ones on civics :()
17" Axis Limited with a 2" raise :p
partially painted interior (need more paint and practicing sewing seats on my old car)
2% tint on the rear passenger windows (the back is a PITA)
Custom 2" piping with Dragger dual exhaust (nice and throaty)

***Future mods:
HS header
low mileage GA

*** $$$ pending

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mines stock. and all i wanted to do was add SE-R sway bars exhaust. but....yea :(

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1998 200SX SE

Future and final install: Upgrading my rims from 17 inch Konig GT-Rs (19lbs) to 15 inch Axis Mag-Lites (11lbs).

I had the HS Header and Stromung exhaust under my bed for about 3 week to a month. Finally installed that..

I am seeing that all the mods i make to my car are to make it as fuel-efficient as possible. While it is *RELEASING* HP that is already there.. i'm also making it as economical as possible..

So there comes the Mag-lites.. i want to hit 35-40MPG (it's the main reason i got the car)


F.I. Section Whore
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SX's are allowed? Ok, well here goes:

14" Sport Edition wheels, 12.8 lbs each :fluffy:
NGK Iridiums
10 lbs. of weight reduction in the back..
Removed battery tray, and nig-rigged the battery in place..

That's all, folks!

Oh and UNI, those mag lites are SO FINE!

Congrats when you get em! They are so nice looking..

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'92 Black SE-R

Maf filter adapter
ATS Comp Lite 15x7 w/ 205/50/15 Kumho 711
Intrax Lowering Springs

It's my DD, all my money is currently in my S13, but I'm contemplating gettting a set of coilovers and turbo for it.

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Hmm, for my Sentra, if time and money allow.

Full engine/tranny swap. GA16 -> SR20VE VVL
Get new headers, intake, exhaust.
New paint job, black.
Get a spoiler, OEM one.
Some black rotas.
New Breaks (haven't decided which exactly)
New suspension, lowering it 2" hopefully.
And if I still have money, probably turbo charge it. And change my gauges, some neons for show.

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99 Sentra SE-Limited

Engine Mods:
Garrett GT2835R(.86 A/R T2 exhaust housing, .50 A/R T04B compressor cover)
Pulsar GTIR turbo manifold(w/ manifold to head spacer)
Pulsar GTIR J-pipe
Custom Intercooler Piping(2in hotside/2.5in coldside)
HKS Racing Bypass(blue spring)
Johnny Racecar Intercooler (core: 30x5x2)
Z32 Maf (Blow-Through)
FTF Fuel Rail
Walbro 255 Lph Fuel Pump
Steel Braided Fuel lines
Steel Braided Oil Feed line
Nissport Oil Adapter
MSD 72lb/hr fuel injectors
K&N Air filter
JWT ECU(3bar fuel pressure)
3in custom turbo back exhaust w/ magnaflow muffler and resonator
JWT S4 cams
MSD Digital 6
MSD HVC Coil(modified ditributor for external coil use)
MSD tach adapter
Aeromotive Adjutable Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge
Prothane motor mount inserts
Custom hyperground kit
ES shifter bushings
Ebay short shifter
Clutchnet Flywheel
Clutchnet Type-1 pressure plate
Clutchnet fiber/fiber disc
JGY Customs LSD
Greddy Profec B boost controller
Autometer Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Boost/Vacuum Gauge
Autometer Exhaust Gas Temperatura Gauge

KYB AGX adjustable shocks
Ground Control coilovers 300f/250r
Motivational rear mounts
Ebay front/rear strut bar
Koni bumpstops

Alpine CDA-7894
Alpine ERE-G180
US Acoutics USX-2100
Adire/Ampman d1500.1
Resonant Engineering HC 12(DVC 2ohm)
2.5 Cu Ft 32hz tuned
Adire Audio Koda components w/LPG 26NA tweeters.
Optima Yellow Top(trunk mounted)
Stinger and Monster wiring

98 Front End Conversion
Custom front lip
Custom corner lights
Custom painted fog lights
VIS carbon fiber hood
VIS carbon fiber trunk lid
Ebay M3 style trunk lip
Custom Painted Kosei K1 racing 17x7.5 +35 offset w/5mm rear spacers
Toyo Proxes RAI 205/40/17
5% window tint in the rear.
Ronal LS mesh custom painted 15x7.5 +25 offset
Muteki black open-ended lug nuts
Custom painted Valve Cover.

World Rally Blue Sentra
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i've always had an excel file with every mod i did so i'll paste it here, parts are in order from when i bought them and none of the suspension is installed yet.

Alpine 7995 HU
MTX Thunder4244 4-Channel Amp
JBL BP600.1 Mono Amp (@ 1 ohm)
(2) 12" Alpine Type-Rs DVC 4 ohm
Monster Cable / Knukonceptz
Viper 791xv Alarm / Remote Start
20gb Ipod

Erebuni GTR Front
35% F / 5% R Tint
18"x7.5" Konig Verdicts
225/40/18 Kumho Ecsta 712
C/F Drift Wing
Clear Corners
PIAA / Hyperwhite Bulbs
McCulloch 5300k HID Kit
McCulloch 8000k HID Bulbs
SE-L Sideskirts
Stillen Rear Apron
17"x7" RO_JA Formula 5 by Motegi
205/40/17 Hanook Ventauris
Stealth Corners (V1)
Subaru World Rally Impreza Blue Paint Job

PDA Navigation
Reverse Indiglo Gauges
Cobra ESD 6060 Radar
Compass / Temperature
SE Black Interior Conversion
G20 Leather Seats
Blue LED Gauge Lights

Magnaflow Muffler #14829
Magnecor Wires 8.5mm
Place Racing CAI
Nismo Radiator Cap

Front / Rear Strut Bars
AD22VF Calipers
Axiss Ultimate Pads
Brembo Drilled Rotors
M.E. Rear Mounting Plates
Koni Bumpstops
ES Control Arm Bushing
Ground Control Coilovers

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a few plans:

partial rebuild (bearings, rings, valvetrain rebuild with the JWT cams) def. this summer

t-28 (10psi ---- maybe 12???)
turbo accesories (lines, Spearco FMIC, BOV, etc, blah, blah, blah)
Fidanza flywheel
UR pulley
polish/ port head
multi-angle valve job
port/polish intake manifold
Outlaw spacer (if we can get them to make them)
JWT turbo cams
2.5" turbo back
Z32 TT injectors
Walbro fuel pump
JGY Fuel Rail????
ES or Prothane mounts
bored TB
various fluids (redline, mobil 1 synthetic, yada, yada, yada)

KYB AGX (b13 F / B14 R)
F / R strut tower braces
lower control arm brace (if d/p allows it to fit)
Koni bump stop
ME rear strut mounts
ES Control arm bushings
sways bars (want progress, but maybe ST)
GC C/O 300f/200r

shot peening (if i can get a good deal)
ACT Stage II
B&M short throw
ES shifter bushings
Redline tranny oil
LSD ???

AD22VF fronts and rears
alty master cylinder
hawk pads
cross drilled discs
stainless steel lines
Motul brake fluid

Guages (A/F, boost, oil pres.)
lighted shift knob
Redline shifter and e-brake boot (black w/red stitching)
Wheelskins wheel cover) black w/red stitching)
armrest with Redline cover (black w/ red stitching)
tenzo R seats
5 pt racing harness (for NASA showroom class)

C/F OEM style hood
Syndicate Kustoms C/F lip
SE-R side skirts
B14 SE-R wheels (w/205 Kumho Ecta 711's)
stillen rear spoiler?
CF universal air splitter??

i have a buch of the suspension pieces
then i'll move to rebuild
them tranny
then brakes
then turbo

i've already started and now i cant stop AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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thats alot of upgrades.

This is what I have so far...
Front and rear tower bars
Short Ram Intake
Reverse Indiglo Gauges
7" LCD TV In-dash Monitor
Halo Projectors

Future plans...
Hotshot Header
Aerospeed chaos 17" gunmetal
KYB AGX shocks
Koni Bumpstops
Motivational Rear mounts
R34 Octane Body kit
Power slot Break Rotors
Window tinting
and some more little stuff...

DNE's VZR Conversion
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Pioneer DEH-P80MP (coming soon)
Pheonix Gold XENON 100.4 Amp
Boston Acoustics RC 620 (front speakers)
Boston Acoustics FX 6 (rear speakers )


HS Header
UR Crank Pulley
Z Enterprise Ground Wire Kit
Advanced Timing 15 degrees
Custom 2.25 Crush Bend Exhaust
DragunFire Muffler


Custom Crystal Clear HID Reftrofitted Headlights ( sold but still on car )
Custom Dual HID Halo Headlights ( coming soon )
Stock SER Rims
Kuhmo 712 205/50/15 tires


98 Sentra GLE cluster
Velocity Racing Gauges
Import Intelligence Glow Needles
Ebay Brushed Aluminum Gauge Lining


BLEHMCO Stage 2 Tie Brace
KYB GR2 - wanting to sell -
Eibach Pro Kits 1.4 front and 1.4 rear
M.E. Rear Shock Mounts
Koni Bumpstops
E.S. Control Arm Bushings - waiting install -


AD22VF Front Calipers - waiting install and powdercoating -
AD22VF Power Stop Caliper - waiting install -
Crown SS Brake Lines - coming soon-
Fast Brakes Rear Disc Conversion - waiting install -
SER Rear Disc Calipers - waiting install and powdercoating -
Power Slot SER Rear Disc - coming soon -


JDM Lucino Front Bumper w/ 4 peice fogs
Custom Stillen Lip made to look like the AUTECH Lip
1999 Nissan Sentra SE-Limited Side Skirts
1999 Infiniti G20 Rear bumper ( custom fitted)
TEIN SS Coil Overs

there more but i too lazy to type the rest.

What is Seven Ten for?
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I guess I might as well do mine

Infinity style/ Mesh grille (currently infinity)
Crystal Clear Headlights
Crystal Clear Corners
Fog Lights (now removed)
16" OZ racing wheels
25-15-5 Tint Front to back
Ventshade Rain Gaurds
Shaved trunk emblems
Black Trunk bar

Interior: Diamond Plate Floor Mats
Arm Rest
Padded Seat Covers
Painted Interior
Blue Neon Tubes under seats

Hotshot Gen 2 Header
Stromung 2" catback
96 SR20 cat
K&N 3" filter
NGK IX iridium plugs
NGK resistor wires

Sound System:
Alpine Head Unit
Rockford Fosgate punch amp
1.2 Farad Capacitor
2 12 Polk Audio subs
Infinity Reference 6002i 6.5 (front and rear)

Front Strut Bar
Stillen Stage 1 Lower tie brace

current plan:


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I have a 96 Sentra GXE.

Installed Hotshot header, removed cat, Flowmaster exhaust all the way back to the muffler. Cold air intake, Motegi 16" white rims, put a spoiler on it, underbody lights, combat bodykit going on it soon as winter is over, in the middle of installing a tach need directions on doing so have everything hooked up but the green wire, hooked up green wire the car idles at 1000 rpm's give it gas the rpm's drop. What the fuck. Looking into a turbo but I think I have to take the header out if that's the case I'll be selling that soon. Car only has 70.000 miles on it. Traded it straight up for my 95 Civic VTec. Didn't like it, can't stand driving autos. They suck balls. 5 Speed all the way. Lastly Installing short throw shifter. Not sure which brand to buy, I know that some of them are crap. A little info would be appricated. Thanks.

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bought & installed:
15" kosei rims (white) on Yokohama avs es100 tires (getting Parada Spec2 in a few month).
1.6" H&R drop springs with GYBGR2 struts.
Place Racing CAI.
ebay adjustable front strut tower bar.
Pace Setter short shifter.
NISMO black ball shifter.

AGX struts.
rear strut bar.
stainless steel braklines.
hotshot header.
full catback + Stromung.

waiting to be installed:
Brembo cross-drilled & slotted rotors, new pads & AD22VF calipers

as you always know, there is always MORE to add to your ride. the list always grows ...

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Future plans?
Maybe paint the car since after the hurricane it's scuffed.
I'd love a new suspension since my shocks are dead. (after 80k miles and babying the car it's just time).
Sell the never used SE-L side skirts.
Sell the nis-knacks indiglo HVAC control cover.
Sell my last pair of gunmetal OEM NX2k Rims with new tires on them that fit over big brake kits.
Find a new door/dome light switch at the junkyard so the light turns on when you open the door.

Seth W.
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