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Sorry for the n00b question, but i'm a die-hard ford fan who is getting free fix-it-up 2-door sentra XE, and i might even drive it because of the mpg it gets over my f-150, it can't even compare, HOWEVER, my friend claims it's a 97, so when i go on bluebook values there are no options for a 97 2 door XE, the latest that they show up is 94, so can someone clarify when they stopped making 2 door sentras? in case i decide to sell instead of fix

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2 door sentras stopped in 94, however, a 2 door version of a sentra is a 200sx which were only available in SE's or standard form(not XE though)....the XE was branded to 4 door sentras from 95+...u have a b13 91-94 body style sentra

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well, in the B13 (91-94) chassis there were the following models:
E - lowest model, no power options, only 1 outside mirror, rear drums, 1.6L 2-doors
XE - basic model, power options, rear drums, 1.6L I think it was available in both 2 and 4 doors
GXE - Slightly higher model, not sure how it differs from the XE
SE - highest 1.6L model, I believe sunroof and it may only be 2 doors, alloy wheels
SE-R - 2.0L, rear disc and every option, only 2 door, alloy wheels

B14 (95-99) chassis, all 2 doors are called the 200sx, all 4 doors are called the sentra:
200sx Base model: Comparable to the XE model, no power options, 1.6L rear drum
200sx SE: 1.6L with sport and power options, rear drum, alloy wheels (14")
200sx SE-R: 2.0L all options including rear disc and factory bodykit, alloy wheels (15")

Sentra XE: no power options, 1.6L, rear drum
Sentra GXE: power options, 1.6L, rear drum
Sentra GLE: power options, sunroof, alloy wheels (14"), 1.6L, rear drum
Sentra SE(-L): power options, sunroof, alloy wheels (15"), 2.0L, rear disc

Your friend claims it's a sentra XE, but only 2 doors, it is one of the following:
200sx base 2-door
200sx SE 2-door and you misheard the 'X'
Sentra XE 4-door
Sentra SE 4-door and you misheard the 'X'
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