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Seriously, for 7K, you should be able to buy your 240 and have a enough for an sr20. Or even better, buy one witha sr20 already installed for just a little more.

This is what I was talking about cant wait to get back. I'll swap your sr20's all day long for 7 grand.

Wasn't trying to sound like a smart a$$, but if you cant find what you looking for for 7K or less, then you aren't looking very hard. I am in japan and I can find it in the states cheaper than that with the limited number of contacts that I have.

To seriously help you out, this is what I like to do. I am NOT a big fan of e-bay buying, but I sometimes contact the seller and find someone close to them that I trust to go look at whatever it is I want to buy. If its legit and ok, then I'll buy it. Cash helps a lot.

Try searching for Hit n' Run crew out in california. I havent dealt with them or talked to them at all, but I know one or more of the guys are from Okinawa at some point in time (Hit n Run is here also, and i knew many of the guys. really cool people), so they probably have some pretty good contacts. There are many, many others.

Just look around, talk around, get to know people. Someone has what you are looking for at the price you want. You just have to look around and find it.

Hope this helps.

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