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What stock sentra wheels fit on '02 SE-R spV

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My girlfriend bought the '02 SE-R Spec V, and now she needs to get a set of wheels + tires that suit winter driving in Buffalo. She has the 17" with Z rated tires, and the prices on all season 215/45/R17's are pretty steep (not to mention the short sidewall sucks for the snow). She has the normal SE-R speC V brakes (no brembo's)

What nissan sentra wheels would fit on this car? (she wants the cheap steels)

would the 14" wheels with 185/65/R14's fit?

would the 15" wheels with 195/60/R15's fit?

I think the 15's would be best, would the difference in the brakes caliper clearence between sentra models stop the use of the 14's or 15's on a SE-R spec V?

Thanks for any advice :)
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K-1 said:
That was my suspision. Thanks for your help, I think that we'll try to get the 15"s for the winter.

One last question,

If the 15" alloys will fit without any clearence issue, will the 15" black steel wheels also fit without a clearence issue? Cause the price difference is quite dramatic.
have a 1.8 with a 15 inch package 195-60-15 in winter tires and will be moving to a 17 215-45-17 in the spring.all you need to do is the opposite!! also, check out the nokian tire line. they performed very well during this past northeastern storm.
NickZac said:
Nokians are studded...if NY is like MD then they have plenty of ice hence my reccomendation. IIRC a softer sidewall is better for snow, rite? If so thou, doesnt that mean you lose performance? :(
not all nokians are studded. they are if its legal in the state they are sold
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